MatchFit® is a specialist Learning & Development organisation focussed on delivering sustainable high performance, and employee health and wellbeing through leadership, communication and culture development.

A unique intervention methodology focusing on current and emerging individual and team dynamics.

Whether the focus is on developing inspiring leaders, communication excellence or culture change – or a blend of these – the phenomenological techniques employed work in the ‘here and now’, ensuring that the experience is tailored to both individual and team needs.

The MatchFit® Methodology isn’t a day’s training, or a series of training sessions. Nor is it a tick box exercise. It’s a journey. A journey that envelops an entire organisation, by involving and engaging employees at all levels.

It’s only by being this inclusive that culture can truly change. And when culture changes for the better, the whole organisation has the freedom to push boundaries and perform to its optimum.

 MatchFit ® solution models

Research tells us that leadership, culture and communication are critical to sustainable high-performance, wellbeing and engagement.

Our performance and wellbeing models:


Leading through people


To drive and encourage a
sustainable high-performance


To enable consistent, clear and impactful communication at all levels


Who we’ve worked with


Why is working with MatchFit® so different? Actually, it’s really hard to explain why, because it is so different on every level! All of my career I’ve worked in HR and the Civil Service/Public Sector and been responsible for transformational change. Working with MatchFit®  is the first time I’ve worked in true partnership with an organisation, meaning that the customer is unable to distinguish who is supplying the service, it is completely seamless, delivering a first class product to them. The HRTC is not only a completely new initiative, available to all of the Civil Service, but it is also new in terms of the approach – phenomenological. The results of the HRTC are not only being seen in terms of people enjoying the experience and learning but also in hard measures, ensuring return on investment.

Salina Bowen
Deputy Director CS HR Casework – Supplied by MoJ

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