Catharine Brooks
Catharine is passionate about connecting with, and leveraging the very best from, the individuals she works with. Holding leaders gently accountable for their behaviours, actions and results, she helps drive both personal and organisational change. Through bespoke training interventions, facilitation and coaching, she encourages leaders to be their best self and ignite passion, purpose and engagement within their teams. She loves to encourage individuals to think differently and take their performance to the next level.

Catharine’s purpose is simple: To engage hearts and minds, to make making a difference fun and meaningful. Her values remain constant: passion, curiosity, trust, fun and transparency.

Having worked across Europe in the manufacturing, service and finance sectors of industry, Catharine has a wide range of expertise. This expertise, gained from working with leading global organisations (ranging from airlines to corporate banks to research & development companies), includes:

  • Developing all levels of leader, to further improve behaviour and performance, through expertly led and facilitated leadership development programmes.
  • Design and delivery of bespoke personal skills development programmes, customer service programmes,and management skills programmes, leading to enhanced employee engagement, performance and progression of participants, and measurable company-wide improvements.
  • Extensive work with people leaders, and their respective teams, in leveraging results during periods of organisational and cultural change.
  • Emotional intelligence profiling of chief executives, directors, senior managers and their respective teams.
  • Executive, management, and team coaching.
  • Facilitation of senior leadership events, conferences and meetings.
Catharine is a registered emotional intelligence coach and a practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

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