Meet the Team
The MatchFit® team of expert speakers and presenters come from the very different worlds of Psychology, Nutrition, Communication, Military, Film and TV – all offering their own fascinating, sometimes shocking and often amusing experiences in a truly engaging and entertaining manner.

Bradley Honnor 
Catharine Brooks
Intervention Consultant
Heather Rayfield
Intervention Consultant
Michael Brooke
Intervention Consultant
Sheila Panchal
Intervention Consultant
Emily Courtney
Operations Director
Julie Chapple
Programme Administrator & Executive PA
Adele Hawkes
Intervention Consultant
Patrick Haywood
Intervention Consultant
Alison Phelan
Intervention Consultant
Tim Forman
Intervention Consultant
Holly St Clair Moor
Intervention Consultant
Athena Scott-Rublee Intervention Consultant


This has been such a welcome process at a time when the direction I lead has been working very hard to help at a time of national crisis and working remotely, while undertaking caring and teaching duties. The expertise in the team from hrtc have helped and supported us to pause, review, reflect and reset. We have had honest feedback that allows us to concentrate on getting things right- on what matters and improving our relationships with each other.  The timing was perfect, but the expertise was key. This has given us the confidence as a team to make changes that matter and to take time  every day to reflect and reset.

Lyn McDonald OBE – Cabinet Office
Director Fraud, Error, Debt and Grants Government Functions

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