CLIMB to Align
Enabling teams at different management levels to understand each others' priorities, challenges and aims

What is CLIMB to Align?

CLIMB to Align, is an engaging and inclusive programme that enables different levels of management teams to understand each other’s priorities, challenges and aims.

The programme helps Leadership and teams develop plans and strategies that support each other to work most effectively together, driving collaboration and performance. Participants are mentored and coached, and engage in group sessions, in their own teams and in joint sessions working together across hierarchy. Participants are encouraged to challenge the ‘status quo’ and look for solutions to dynamics that are impeding alignment and service delivery.

The programme has helped SLT, senior managers, middle managers and entry level management to understand, engage and support each other and build effective working relationships.

Who is the programme aimed at? 

CLIMB to Align is specifically aimed at different management groups simultaneously. This can be different levels of management teams, management teams in different geographical locations or management teams in different areas of the organisation. The programme helps them to work together effectively and break down any ‘blockers’ to performance.

The Approach

The programme is delivered utilising an experiential and phenomenological approach. Participants engage with key issues that have arisen between the different teams and develop critical leadership behaviours aligned to resolving challenges and implementing improvements. Throughout the programme the team’s dynamics and ways of working are explored. This includes how the different teams communicate, what is clearly understood and where more clarity is required to progress relationships and working practice.


CLIMB to Align is delivered to suit you and to assure BAU is not disrupted. We will work around you and your delivery ensuring that the programme fits within your delivery timescales and framework.

The programme is scheduled over three to twelve months and comprises:

  • CLIMB 360 Analysis
  • One-to-one sessions with the team members to understand views and perceptions
  • Analysis feedback and report including themes and suggested initial interventions 
  • Team specific group sessions
  • Mixed teams group sessions
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Development of a working charter.

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