Formed in 2010 by Psychotherapist and Trainer Bradley Honnor, MatchFit® brings together a group of skilled practitioners and specialists who share a passion for developing sustainable high performance and wellbeing through transformational leadership, communication and culture.

Our Senior Intervention Consultants, consisting of practicing Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Occupational Therapists, utilise phenomenological techniques and interventions. These drive engagement at a psychological level and go beyond purely team and individual development.

Bespoke interventions involve analysis, consultation, ‘cultural emersion’, coaching, strategic leadership facilitation and group sessions, and provide all staff and teams with strategies and techniques to facilitate sustainable high performance. We enable individuals and teams to communicate effectively across all levels and functions, drive high performance behaviours and demonstrate leadership at all levels to achieve engagement.

The MatchFit® Methodology is a dynamic intervention which utilises unique MatchFit® Solution Models to focus on current and emerging individual and team dynamics. Unlike traditional training or coaching, this methodology applies phenomenological techniques working in the ‘here and now’, ensuring that the experience is tailored to both individual and team needs.

We deliver collective and individual shifts in perception, regarding possibilities, capabilities, performance, team dynamics, responsibility and autonomy. Whether you are seeking to develop inspirational leaders, achieve performance-enhancing communication, or effect dynamic cultural change, we work with you to return the measurable outcomes that you are looking to achieve.


The MatchFit® team made an almost immediate, impact to the NPS Liverpool & Sefton Cluster Management Team. Despite the limitations of the pandemic, they were able to fully adapt their approach and resources in order to deliver virtually, whilst ensuring the impact was not lost. My team have continued with the strategies introduced and the final report is clear, informative and provides a clear steer on ‘what next’, with the CMT feeling motivated and engaged. I have made a request for their intervention to continue.

Janet Marlow
HM Prison and Probation Service, Ministry of Justice Head of Liverpool & Sefton

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