Building on your CLIMB programme

RE3 stands for RESULTS, REFOCUS and REINFORCE. The three core elements of RE3 are designed to:

  • Analyse RESULTS from the HR Technical Consultancy Service underpinned by the CLIMB programme.
  • REFOCUS your organisation’s future objectives by highlighting successes (brought about through the HR Technical Consultancy Service), whilst identifying gaps and areas for further growth.
  • REINFORCE the tools and techniques established through the CLIMB programme and HR Technical and Phenomenological Interventions.

RE3 Stage One – RESULTS

Through a comparison culture survey and case audit; HR Technical Consultants will identify and evaluate the impact and lasting value the HR Technical Consultancy Service has provided your organisation with. Furthermore, Senior MatchFit Consultants will support you in understanding what has already been achieved, alongside the actions still outstanding, enabling you to agree a way forward. 

RE3 Stage Two – REFOCUS

As trained facilitators and coaching professionals, HR Technical Consultants will use the materials gathered in RE3 Stage One to outline the key behavioural and cultural changes from within your organisation, following the HR Technical Consultancy Service. This will support you as a leader to highlight successes whilst identifying areas in which improvement is still required. 

HR Technical Consultant’s will also work closely with 10 of your organisation’s employees (who previously attended CLIMB workshops), conducting one to one wellbeing sessions, drawing out the positive impact the workshops fostered both personally and professionally and further embedding the cultural changes established. SLT will benefit from a further feedback session with a Senior MatchFit Consultant refocusing on the wins achieved and supporting you in identifying any gaps and areas for ongoing growth.

RE3 Stage Three – REINFORCE

To build upon the skills, capability and increased confidence your organisation attained from the CLIMB HR Technical and Phenomenological Interventions you will be supported by an award-winning facilitated coaching programme. This is available to all staff within your organisation, consisting of three full day classroom-based modules: WE CLIMB – EMBARK, NAVIGATE and SUMMIT. 

The coaching programme provides participants with professional coaching techniques and support to develop a coaching culture. Following this, SLT and Line Managers will benefit from a combined positioning session delivered with a Senior MatchFit Consultant, supporting each to understand one another’s perspectives and reinforce the cultural changes established and those that need to be worked towards.


Finally, you will receive a personalised toolbox, consisting of a suite of practical tools, tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs, giving you the ability to utilise resources whenever you see fit – making the material work for you.

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