The Three Peaks HR coaching programme

What is WE CLIMB Coach?

Coaching is widely recognised as an essential management skill, which improves organisational performance and unlocks individual potential. The WE CLIMB Coach programme helps to develop staff who have line management responsibility, or a role which presents opportunities for them to develop others. 

The Three Peaks

Comprised of three modules—the Three PeaksWE CLIMB Coach combines award-winning coaching material with the latest phenomenological approaches and learning techniques.

WE CLIMB Coach builds confidence and competence in both identifying opportunities to coach, and in holding effective coaching conversations.

Peak One – EMBARK


A foundation in coaching. 

This interactive module covers an understanding of what coaching, mentoring and training are, whilst also exploring the coaching spectrum. It looks at when coaching is appropriate; understanding the GROW* and WE CLIMB models; building active and intentional listening skills, and providing effective feedback.

Delegates enjoy the opportunity to practise coaching skills in a safe environment.



Intermediate level.

Navigate builds on skills learned in Embark and revisits the coaching models and techniques established. It introduces more complex/challenging coaching issues such as limiting beliefs and emotional interference, and techniques to identify growth opportunities.

There is further opportunity to practice coaching in a safe environment, where more advanced coaching skills and scenarios are introduced.

Peak Three – SUMMIT

Reinforces the foundations established through the first two modules.

Provides an extended opportunity to practice coaching, with detailed and constructive feedback on challenging coaching scenarios in a safe environment. This module explores advanced techniques to address derailing behaviours and optimise coachees’ experiences.

This session also provides coaches with tips and techniques to maintain focus and direction during a coaching session.

Fundamental to the success of this award-winning programme is the concept of psychological spacing, where delegates are afforded the opportunity to absorb, reflect and practise the skills learned between each module. Our experience suggests that for delegates to achieve maximum effect from the programme, delegates must attend all three modules which are spaced six to eight weeks apart.

* The GROW coaching model developed by Sir John Whitmore. One of the earliest models, it offers a learner-centred approach to structuring a conversation or thinking independently about an issue, to help a person move from setting a goal to identifying next steps and providing a timeframe.

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