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At MatchFit®, we believe there are three core requirements of sustainable high performance - leadership, communication and culture. The MatchFit® Intervention series has been designed to address these key areas.

A bespoke programme can be designed from the three MatchFit® components: HUMAN (culture), TEAM (communication) and CLIMB (leadership).

These models are used to explore, explain and address an organisation’s dynamics and can be given weights depending on requirements.
The MatchFit® Methodology comprises three distinct, but interrelated, intervention models TEAM, HUMAN and CLIMB:

CLIMB model

Through the CLIMB, leaders and managers can create an environment where everyone is able to speak up without fear of embarrassment or rejection. Leaders can develop confidence in creating an atmosphere of trust, energy for success, and transparency. Achieving this means that productivity, morale and retention are all impacted positively.

The CLIMB builds commitment in team members — this is key to the overall culture, and to the growth of individuals.

Leaders can foster this by ensuring everyone understands the importance of their role to the team and how their specific strengths and skills contribute to the success of the organisation. It is not just about individual impact – it is also about how each team member positively impacts the organisation.

HUMAN model

The HUMAN model helps individuals and organisations develop a high-performance culture.

A high-performance culture helps an organisation achieve high levels of performance and results consistently over time. It is no wonder then that building a high-performance culture is a primary goal for many organisations as it can mean the difference between stagnation and growth, competitiveness and being left behind.

Regardless of industry, company size, or location, high-performance cultures can be identified by a range of common attributes.

The HUMAN model is used to determine understanding and motivation within organisations and individuals regarding cultural competence (the willingness and skill in navigating cultural change).


TEAM model

TEAM drives thoughts, emotions and actions mastery.

The TEAM model is about developing a performance intelligence mindset for leaders and teams. Through embedding tools, approaches and systems that work, TEAM ensures constant and never-ending improvement is at the heart of individual and team agendas.

TEAM builds strength and resilience in mind and body and enables individuals to reach their full potential as well as develop others.

It is no secret that empowered individuals and leaders drive organisational growth. Through TEAM, organisations can develop engaging positive cultures that both attract and retain the best talent.


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