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The MatchFit team have been expanding rapidly over the last year, and have been fortunate to welcome a number of highly experienced consultants with diverse range of skills and credentials on board.

Leading a team presents many challenges, even for the experienced leader. When that team is also globally dispersed, the lack of face-to-face interaction, different time zones and working cultures can lead to mistrust, lack of team identity, poor collaboration and communication, if not carefully managed. In this case study, we demonstrate how our MatchFit CLIMB programme successfully delivered measurable individual team outcomes in the marketing department of an international organisation.

Confidence can be a game changer, both personally and professionally. But is confidence innate or something we develop over time?

Here, Bradley and Salina take a very honest look at the nuances and complexities that can create a minefield to traverse in the quest to be properly understood.

With MatchFit’s strong NatWest partnership flourishing, the end is in sight for the development of an online training app that will not only prove hugely beneficial to organisations looking for inclusivity across their employee base, but has also been used as a mechanism to retrain at-risk staff at the bank.

Whilst competition within a business can be healthy, it can also be the source—or symptom—of a deeper conflict within teams.

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