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In a recent interview, MatchFit Consultant Tim Forman discussed how he has worked with the Civil Service HR Casework Team to deliver a CLIMB programme to the Official Solicitor and Public Trustee (OSPT) SLT (senior leadership team). The CLIMB programme is a multi-stage initiative that aims to improve performance and cohesion of an organisation.

In this article, MatchFit MD Bradley Honnor talks all things ‘phenomenological’ and how this philosophy is at the very heart of MatchFit and the CLIMB people development programme.

With remote and hybrid working set to become normal working practice rather than a temporary emergency fix for some time to come, it’s interesting to note that levels of ‘quiet quitting’ and burnout reported in the workplace have rarely been higher.

The MatchFit CLIMB programme has proven to be extremely successful in environments that, by their nature, have high levels of challenge. In this interview as part of our ongoing series with clients, we talked to Mark Creaven, the Governor of HMP Send, about his impressions of the programme, and why he has commissioned a second CLIMB for his SLT.

The MatchFit team have been expanding rapidly over the last year, and have been fortunate to welcome a number of highly experienced consultants with diverse range of skills and credentials on board.

Leading a team presents many challenges, even for the experienced leader. When that team is also globally dispersed, the lack of face-to-face interaction, different time zones and working cultures can lead to mistrust, lack of team identity, poor collaboration and communication, if not carefully managed. In this case study, we demonstrate how our MatchFit CLIMB programme successfully delivered measurable individual team outcomes in the marketing department of an international organisation.

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